The Ascended Kings Logo, which is a regal font that says Ascended Kings


The Ascendant Icon. A blue gem topped with a golden crown.

Game Overview

The Objective

The first objective is to claim all 4 of the bloodstones - this period of the game is called The Bloodstone War. Each player starts with a bloodstone and, if they are defeated, they will drop those bloodstones upon the tile within which they were slain allowing other players to pick them up. Once all 4 bloodstones have been united by a player, the Omega Stone appears. If the player with all bloodstones cannot be stopped from claiming Omega, they win the game. This is the Omega War endgame period of the game wherein players are attempting to prevent others from claiming the Omega Stone and in turn, attempting to claim it for their own.

The Latent Combat System

The Latent Combat System is an original innovative gameplay mechanic that separates a player's turn into one of two states, the Latent State and the Active State. The Latent State involves rolling dice to attain gemstones. The gemstones attained can then only be used while in the Active State.

When it is not a player's turn, they are in the Defensive State. Players are in a passive mode during this state where they react to Active players by blocking attacks using Egis gemstones.

Focus Gemstones (the Foci)

Foci are forms of focus power born within, and are all derivative of Ylem: the original substance from which all things are made. Foci represent a surplus of innate motivations or instincts of the character in the form of gemstones, which can be used to execute the will and behavior of that character (actions). Each focus gem shows a small piece of what the character is capable of, and most likely to do. Gemstones are placed in their appropriate pools on the character playmat.

There are 5 Focus Gemstones - they are:

Dire |die-ur|- The Energy of Death and Destruction
These gemstones represent wounds
Aria |ahr-ee-uh| - The Force of all Creation
These gemstones represent movement
Egis |Ee-jis| - The Innate Force of the Natural World
These gemstones represent defense
Pyre |pie-ur| - The Burning Force of Mens' Willpower
These gemstones represent attack
Ylem|ahy-luh-m| - The Underlying Energy of All Thing
These gemstones represent magical power with many uses, including Ylem and Focus abilities.

The Playmat


Character Illustration

Highlighting your character’s physical attributes and stature.


Bloodstones acquired are placed here.

Character Name

Identifying your character’s title.

Level Indicator

Golden Rounds are used to show current level. Each level increases Gemstone Pool (#5 below) size by 1 column.

Gemstone Pool

Core gemstones attained are placed here. Dire Wounds are placed in the first row from left to right.

Inscription Slot

If your focus glyph matches that of your focus card, you may inscribe the card here (placed face down). NOTE: The special card “Prismatic Inscription” is the only card played face up in this slot.

Ylem Transmutation

3 Ylem gemstones may be moved into these sockets at once to unlock new abilities.

Ylem Pool

Ylem gemstones are placed here from bottom to top. The highest exposed (empty) number is the roll value needed to attain Ylem.

Core Transmutation

3 gemstones of matching color may be placed into their sockets at once to unlock new abilities. You may only complete 1 core set per level.

Prismatic Transmutation

3 gemstones of EACH CORE color may be placed into their sockets at once to unlock Focus Generation and Ylem Prism for Revenants. Any number of these sets may be completed regardless of Revenant level.

The Immolation Chamber (The board)


Tile Numbers

Each tile is individually numbered from 00 - 99 for a total of 100 tiles. This allows for the percentile dice to be rolled for random tile selection.

Starting Locations

The 4 Starting locations indicated by the surrounding diamond shapes.

Immolation Icons

Each edge of the board contains a gemstone icon with an immolation number inside. This allows for the immolation die (D4) to be rolled for random edge selection.

Focus Cards

There are two ways a card can be used:
1) "cash it in" for the gemstones displayed on the top margin at any time
2) Be used to cast spells called 'Focus Abilities' during a players Active State.

Nearly all cards have a Focus Glyph and visual description of the target and effect on the card. Those that don't are special cards which have unique uses described on the card.

As a king in life, you play cards from the Ascendant Deck. As a Revenant in death, you play cards from the Revenant deck.


To vanquish your opponents, you must attack them with Pyre gems and/or focus abilities to inflict Dire Wounds. If a player takes too many Dire gems they will perish and return as a Revenant.


A haunting dark beach with ghostly blue fire floating over the water
Pyre Revenant
Aria Revenant
Engur Revenant
Egis Revenant
Dire Revenant

Revenants are mysterious beings that get called forth from the Traverse when a massive amount of Focus Energy passes through realities (the Traverse is the conduit space between life and death). When a player is returned to the board as a Revenant they have powerful new ways to play the game.

What is the Omega Dial?

The omega dial is a device used to create Immolation Events on the board, which are random occurrences on the board which can help or hinder. The Omega dial also used as a countdown timer (if players wish) to artificially initiate the Omega War if nobody can claim all 4 bloodstones within the chosen number of rounds.

To the death and beyond!

Interested? View the full rulebook HERE